Walk a Friend

Walk a Friend works both on internet base and as mobile application. It will help you find motivation to start and maintain physical exercising and healthy lifestyle. With the application you can find same minded people, who want to start exercising or already do it but a friend for walks is missing.

In the development of the concept we have paid special attention to motivation, mental wellbeing, social needs and physical activities which are easy to start as walking, nordic walking and light jogging. With Walk a Friend-application you can:

-Find friends for walking and outdoors in your neighborhood and while travelling

-Find friends who have similar interests and hobbies

-Publish photos which encourage people to exercise

-Write and exchange ideas with your present and new friends

We continuously develop our Walk a Friend-application and bring new features into it in the near future. We also produce and share health related articles and stories both on our Facebook-site and on this website.

Our Philosophy

Nowadays there are thousands of applications and devices which have been developed to measure your physical performance. There are devices which measure your sleep, workout, activity levels, caloric expenditure etc. They measure time, distance, speed, duration and results, which will motivate the user to increase his/her performance and lead the way towards healthier and more active lifestyle. Health, happiness and long life are things which most of us seek. All these applications and devices may very well work with people, who already have the motivation to exercise and keep fit. These people are also quite often competitive and therefore it makes everything even more interesting when you can compare your results with other people. You can see a lot also this in the social media.

How about those people, who are passive and overweight - those who have unhealthy eating habits and no motivation to work out? People who do not have friends who are interested in physical activities, have tremendous challenges to start exercising on their own. To help these people, we have developed our Walk a Friend-mobile application. We want to help people to connect with similarly minded people to go out and exercise together. Social interaction in our case does not only mean motivation but it also improves the mental wellbeing when people exchange ideas, share problems and talk about their daily life. We want to help you find these friends. With our application you can find people to meet for walks for example in situations when you have moved to another place or you are a single parent, your friends are living in a distance from you or you are travelling and would like to find a local person to show you around.

Motivation is in the key position in exercising. If you want to get started or want to maintain your physical activity, you need motivation. Lack of motivation is one of the most remarkable reasons why people do not start exercising or find challenging to keep it going. The eagerness can vary a lot on daily basis. We believe that the support of the friends who you exercise with will have a great impact on your motivation. Long walks with a similarly minded person can be very enjoyable. Time runs and you do not even realize the distance you are walking.

Area where you walk is also important. For most of us it is most comfortable to walk around the neighborhood where you live or where you work. Make plans and schedules for your walks with your friends and if you want, you can even keep diary about your walks. And remember, weather is never an excuse. There is no bad weather, there is just bad clothing. And if you need friends to walk with, our Walk a Friend-application will help to find them. Walking is much more fun with friends.