We want to support those, who are in distress and we help them with respect, politely, with compassion and tactfully. We try to find solutions for the peoples' needs of mind and body.


We try to keep our performance on the best possible level by always searching and learning new ways to improve our work. We operate our businesses ethically correctly, honestly and reliably.

Mutual respect

We respect diversity and treat other people with dignity and empathy.


We are principled, honest and ethical - we do right things to those who we serve.


We take full responsibility for our actions, attitudes and health.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction above all


Our mission is to help individuals find similarly minded people to start and maintain physical activities in order to improve mental and physical wellbeing. We want to motivate and help people to make that big change towards the better quality of life.


Walk a Friend is an interesting and interactive concept, which wins hearts and souls in both social and traditional media. Our goal is to be internationally acknowledged from our activities in the promotion of the social and physical wellbeing of the people.