Aki Karihtala

Entrepnereur with international business background. Business cultural experience from over 40 countries. Founding partner of the Twalk Oy (Walk a Friend)

Over 20 years career in Exel Composites plc. as a director of the sports division

Founder and the president of the International Nordic Walking Federation (www.inwa-nordicwalking.com)

Presently various businesses in the health, sports and charter ship industry.

Other achievements:

  • Winner of the International Stevie Business Awards 2005 with the Nordic Walking concept development in the category "Most Innovative Product"
  • Mercurius of Finland 2004. Most valued sales person of Finland (Jury by Taloussanomat Business Newspaper and Mercuri International)
  • Innovation-Finland 2000 Award from the President of Finland

Former top level athlete in Finland in American football, freestyle- and speedskiing.

Interest in sports: Alpine skiing, gym, Swimming, Nordic Walking, Hiking and travel (over 80 countries)